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Lofthouse MachiningAn evolving range of capabilities… with one fixed quality standard.

The secret is to be flexible enough to handle smalls runs economically and have the resources to gear up quickly for larger production requirements. At Lofthouse, we’re able to play both roles thanks to our extensive experience, advanced equipment and employee dedication.


For large production runs (10,000+ units) our multi-million dollar transfer machines provide faster machining times and reduced labour costs while meeting exacting specifications and tolerances. With five-sided capability delivering up to ten times the production capacity of conventional machining centers, coupled with robotic load and unload capability, you’re assured of quality components at very competitive prices.


For medium production runs (5,000 to 10,000 units) we rely on our flexible transfer machines, with as many as eight CNC units with XYZ capabilities and tool changers, resulting in complex components machined in one chucking…translation…extreme tolerance capability. Neither multiple compound angles nor demanding specification requirements present a challenge. 5-axis production and zero-point-one degree chuck rotation plus a built-in chip conveyor system provide quick conversion between different non-ferrous materials. This was the first installation of its kind in the world.  We know it best because we developed the concept and worked with the equipment manufacturer to put all the pieces into one single frame.


For shorter production runs (500 to 5000 units), in addition to various CNC mills, our twin-spindle lathes, with a C-axis capable of milling undercuts, slots, and other design elements, are ideal. By performing multiple operations on one machine, production costs are reduced dramatically compared with conventional lathes, virtually eliminating the need for secondary set-ups. Palletized loading and an automatic bar-feed system cut handling time and labour costs. Our 4 and 5-axis CNC mills are the best available including our new robotically loaded STAMA machines.



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