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Markets Served

A constantly widening range of industry applications


The growing emphasis on bottom-line performance and end-user satisfaction, plus the competition of cheap and inferior offshore imports, is drawing new attention to the long-term benefits of quality forging.


Traditional markets for forged components continue to build demand.


  • Automotive – Lower weight means better mileage; longer part life means greater customer satisfaction. Quality forging delivers both.

  • Electrical – Forged parts offer longer maintenance-free service.

  • Plumbing – Brass and copper forged components remain the standard against which lesser materials are judged.

  • Recreational Vehicles – Rugged performance plus attractive finish add greater buyer appeal in showrooms and in the field.

  • Valves – The hidden secret of long trouble-free performance is usually a forged product


Newer markets discover and demand the quality difference that Lofthouse forgings bring to almost every application in virtually every industry.


Lofthouse forged components – Strengthening in-market performance… and your bottom line.




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